Centres associated with Division of Neurology

Margaret K.L. Cheung Research Centre for Management of Parkinsonism

In view of the lacking understanding of and preventive treatments for parkinsonism, the Margaret K.L. Cheung Research Centre for Management of Parkinsonism was established by the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong after the name of the donor, Ms. Margaret Kam Ling Cheung. The Centre is set up with an aim to conduct transdisciplinary research that will enable the discovery of therapeutics that can prevent or slow the progression of common diseases causing parkinsonism.
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Therese Pei Fong Chow Research Centre for Prevention of Dementia

With generous donation by Ms. Therese Pei Fong Chow, CUHK established the Therese Pei Fong Chow Research Centre for Prevention of Dementia in 2016. Lead by the professional team from Faculty of Medicine at CUHK, the Centre aims to prevent or delay onset of dementia in the rapidly ageing population of Hong Kong, through innovative research and education to develop and promote effective preventive strategies or treatments in the community.

The areas of activity focus include education to the public on early identification and prevention of dementia; identification of novel risk and protective factors of dementia in Chinese population; development of biomarkers and diagnostic tools for early detection of cognitive disorders; clinical trials to evaluate potentially effective pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to prevent dementia; and collaboration with different disciplines and build international partnerships in research, education and training.
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Gerald Choa Neuroscience Centre MRI Core Facility

Gerald Choa Neuroscience Centre (GCNC) MRI Core Facility is equipped with Hong Kong's first research-dedicated and most advanced Prisma 3T MRI scanner. It provides a platform for CUHK neuroscientists to explore the complicated brain structure in the finest details.

Located in Cancer Centre of Prince of Wales Hospital, the GCNC MRI Core Facility offers a wide range of facilities to provide MRI images, and exclusively for all CUHK researchers to conduct neuroscience studies across different disciplines. It aims to advance CUHK’s neuroscience development, discover human brain functions and unlock the complicated pathological brain changes associated with common brain diseases.
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Lui Che Woo Institute of Innovative Medicine

With the generous support of the Lui Che Woo Foundation Limited, the Lui Che Woo Institute of Innovative Medicine (LCW IIM) was established in 2012 under the Faculty of Medicine, and is dedicated to the advancement of three focused initiatives, namely BRAIN (Brain Research And Innovative Neuroscience), SMART (Sports Medicine And Regenerative Technology) and CARE (Cardiovascular Advancement, Research and Education). These research initiatives involve interdisciplinary teams of researchers from other Faculties of the University as well as international research partners to explore cutting edge advances in the knowledge frontiers.

Chow Yuk Ho Technology Centre for Innovative Medicine

The establishment of the Chow Yuk Ho Technology Centre for Innovative Medicine (TIM) of CUHK is made possible with the generous donation from Ms. Therese Pei Fong Chow. The Centre aims to improve clinical care for patients through innovation and development in biomedical engineering and technology by interdisciplinary collaboration between Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering. The centre serves as a platform to enhance knowledge transfer of innovative technologies into clinical practice.

The mission of the Centre is to promote innovative researches in biomedical engineering focusing in clinical application; transfer biomedical engineering technologies into clinical practice for the benefits of patients; encourage academic exchange and collaboration between members of Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering in CUHK; and strengthen CUHK’s leading position in innovation and development of medical technologies.
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Brain and Mind Institute

The vision of Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) is to become a world-leading research institute that makes discoveries in basic mechanisms of complex neurological conditions with the ultimate goal to enhance treatments of these conditions using molecular, cellular, behavioral, and engineering therapies and solutions for optimizing human development, enhancing learning, and improving quality of life.

The mission of the Institute includes conducting cutting edge, interdisciplinary research to solve complex research problems concerning language, cognition, learning and their neural and neurogenetic underpinnings from molecule to behavior; solving these complex neurological research problems with strategic research partners nationally and internationally; and translating our laboratory findings into clinical and educational practices with community partners.
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